Magical Kittens, also known by its full title “Magical Kittens: The Fluffle of Darkness”, is an online multiplayer shoot ’em up in which kittens shoot down evil bunnies with magic.

I wanted to create a versatile gaming experience by give the player the option to customise their character and challenge them through diverse enemy behaviour.
The final game includes character customisation through skins and usernames, six different skills, five enemy types each with their own AI patterns, and adorable kittens and bunnies.

I did the project by myself in just over two weeks time for a university module. Since the main focus of this game was to learn network programming, Magical Kittens heavily relied on asset packs for its models.


  • Networked Multiplayer using Unity’s UNet system.
  • Custom Lobby which allowed for character customisation.
  • Different AI Behaviours including a Boss Fight Sequence.
  • Magical Kittens and Evil Bunnies.

Learning Experiences

This project was my first hands-on experience with networking and replication so I definitely learned a lot just by working on it. Further, the additional challenges that come with offering customisation options and a lobby also gave me a better understanding of how networked features should be approached.

Having a fun topic always helps to stay engaged so kittens and bunnies are definitely recommendable.

Lastly, I learned that fluffle is another term for a group of rabbits.

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Team size: 1
Engine: Unity
Platform: PC

Duration: 16 Days
Time frame: September 2017